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mobile web technology trends in 2012

Business Idea. Mobile web technology trends can be the star of 2012, as many experts in the field of communications technology and new information, agrees that the mobile web will start a channel for mobile phones in 2012.

More than 90% of phones have mobile web access through a browser. HTML5 in particular, which offers many brands of work, in terms of capabilities that can be built into a mobile site.

Jeff Hasen, HipCricket chief marketing officer, warned that the latest innovation received a lot of approval, but will not be widely adopted, or immediately.

"With more devices capable of accessing the Internet, mobile web becomes an indispensable tool for commerce, entertainment, information and more. The signs left by the train reached this year, do not have time to mourn, but should begin to plan their work from now "

According to PayPal, the overall volume of payments via mobile phones rose 516% on Black Friday and 552% on Cyber ​​Monday, which shows that not only consumers access the mobile web to view, but more likely than last year to make mobile shopping websites.

Always been an ongoing debate about the use HTML5 for mobile web, compared with the current application.

Marci Troutman, CEO Siteminis, Atlanta, believes that the opportunity for the brand in the mobile web than mobile applications.

"I think the mobile web will start a line of mobile phones in 2012?, Said Troutman." The company is aware that the application is more dedicated to their clients and must be something more personal, you just have an application that can perform the same functions as the mobile web.
The phone should be more intelligent, mobile strategy must change and adapt to the mobile web, and conduct standards for existing business needs.

There is no reason to pay an application fee at the store, or pay for store marketing applications to ensure they are in the top 10 searches, when you can use to purchase a search that has been used on the Internet (browsers, PC) for mobile browser. "

In addition to web development opportunities for mobile HTML5 open standards and enables a rich media platform that helps brands and advertising agencies to achieve creativity and reach across various mobile devices.

Mobile web is a good acquisition tool, while subscribers to an existing application and faithfully kept. We will see that growth is increasingly strong tendency for mobile web applications next year.

Malware attacks in 2012

Los Angeles: Rapidly, mobile technology through the existence of a new smartphone turns out to be a new target of hackers. According to an analyst and security service providers handphones, incidence rates for the attack on these gadgets will increase in 2012.

"2011 is the year the number of new attacks to mobile gadgets. Complexity is very innovative and their distribution is also very efficient," said Kevin Mahaffey, chief of security for mobile gadgets ururan at Lookout.

"By 2012 we predict business security provider for the mobile gadget would be very beneficial. For PC may require 15 years, but for the mobile gadget requires only two years."

In November, the market research institution, Juniper found that the malware in the Android rose as much as 472 percent from July 2011 and predicts it will be a target of "soft" for hackers. According to Websense, there will be 1000 + more attacks on smartphones and tablets in 2012.

Becomes especially important for mobile phone users to always know that malware attacks may menjakiti gadgetnya. If you are concerned about the security of your phone, there are some of the best ways to make it safe. Namely by locking your phone with a password when not in use, be careful what you click, and download applications from the official app store

prediction technology trends 2012

VMware, the global leader in virtualization and cloud infrastructure, exposing a number of predictions of the technology trends 2012 in Asia Pacific which includes virtualization and cloud computing. A number of technology trends 2012 prediction was presented by Steve Herrod, Chief Technology Officer (CTO) and Senior Vice President of Reasearch & Development, VMware.

In 2012, the use and adoption of cloud technology will increase. A Forrester research conducted recently, which was launched in October 2011 by VMware, shows that more and more organizations are choosing to implement public and private cloud technology (41%) - an increase of nearly 10% compared to last year's research results (38%) . Public cloud is a less preferred option for most organizations across the region to see this technology is less secure to manage data and enterprise applications.

Across the Asia Pacific region, as much as 78% of organizations are now considering implementing virtualization as an important foundation for cloud computing (cloud computing). The adoption of virtual technology of the highest made by insurance companies (83%), followed by companies engaged in banking / finance (81%) with most now have adopted cloud computing. The company now has a better understanding about the positive impact of cloud computing application to the development of their business. In the cloud computing journey - either through private or hybrid model, companies are now increasingly aware that there is no cloud that 'fits all needs'

iPhone 4S with studded diamond launched

For the first time in history, a smart phone, the iPhone 4S, has been launched in a very luxurious and exclusive. Steve Jobs made ​​phone company was issued with a diamond-studded models.

This model was designed by Jo-Emma Larvin who was introduced through the company's exclusive gadgets, Stuart Hughes. But unfortunately, the company spent its products are limited, ie only 25 units.

Esthetics are offered very touching eyes. Shades of white glitter comes blanketed the mobile phone which is amazing. The work presents the luxury version of the iPhone with 64GB of which is decorated with a 7.8 carat diamond, and diamond carat 0:53, as well as a solid platinum.

This product is sold at a price of 20,995 pounds or USD 296 million.

Promotion Cost Nokia Ace reached Rp. 909 billion

A news portal, Betanews states that an anonymous source who provides information that Nokia Ace will be released in the United States in late March.

The name of the Smartphone Nokia is not yet final, some call it the Nokia Ace, there is also a call Lumia 900. Whatever you call it later, the latest Nokia smartphones Windows Phone this seems to be marketed on a large scale.

Reportedly under promotional expenses for Windows Phone Nokia smartphones could reach a figure of U.S. $ 100 million (Rp 909 billion). Nokia Ace will be marketed first by AT & T operator, and they will promote through advertising and store them.

Specifications of the Nokia Smartphone is also already leaked some time ago, like a screen size 4.3-inch WVGA resolution, 512MB RAM, and an 8 megapixel camera.

Toshiba Prepare a Tablet 10.1-inch Thin And Light On At CES

Toshiba is rumored to have been ready to introduce a 10.1-inch tablet is the thinnest and lightest at the CES event next week. Unfortunately, Toshiba is still keeping the detailed specification of this new tablet.

But some time ago appeared a benchmark results that show a quadcore tablet from Toshiba, the suspect it is the thinnest Toshiba tablet. The benchmark seems to be very similar to those obtained Asus Prime Transformer which is the first quad-core tablet in the world.

In fact Toshiba has released a tablet some time ago by the name Thrive, but the release tablets are not as popular as other Android tablets on the market.

However, from a site appears AnTuTu benchmark results of a tablet device that allegedly was made ​​by Toshiba. The device with the code name Tostab06 uses 1.4 GHz processor, a processor similar to that used on the Prime Transformer Quad-core processor Tegra 3

Blackberry playbook begin to threaten Android

International Data Corp. research institute. (IDC) reveals that the tablet computer market is growing with a significant trend. IDC projected, until the end of 2011, approximately 62.5 million units of tablet PCs will be sold.

This figure is a correction from a previous prediction that only reached 53.5 million units. This situation has led to intense competition between products. Android-based computer sales began to be threatened by the presence of BlackBerry products output, Playbook.

In its report, IDC said, there are 13.6 million units of tablet computers that are marketed in the second quarter. This figure rose 303.8 percent compared with same period in 2010, and rose 88.9 percent compared with first quarter 2011.

During the quarter, Apple managed to sell 9.25 million iPad. And at the end of the second quarter of 2011, the company has mastered the 68.3 percent global market share of tablet PCs. Rose from 65.7 percent in the previous quarter. What about Android?

Android-based tablet PC market has decreased from 34 percent in the first quarter to 26.8 percent in the second quarter. The main reason is the presence of RIM's Playbook which immediately took over the 4.9 percent global market share of tablet PCs.

Intel and Microsoft
The main players in the PC industry, namely Intel and Microsoft are also working to re-present influence in the tablet market. At the Intel Developer Forum last, they have introduced a 10.1-inch tablet, reinforced coded name Medfield Atom processor and uses the Android operating system 3.0 Honeycomb.

Quoted from Computex, 26 September 2011, Intel claims, To consume low power processor that he has made is ideal for a segment of the tablet and smartphone devices.

Build on the conference, Microsoft announced that the upcoming Windows 8 will feature a touch screen. In a demonstration, Microsoft is using a Samsung tablet that can be controlled using a finger, just like on a smartphone or tablet PC's.

In addition, Microsot mention, they make the operating system is also designed so that a number of separate applications to work together and synchronize files from a variety of devices based on Windows 8.

Looking ahead, in an increasingly tight market, on the one hand, competition will occur between Intel, ARM, and Nvidia, as well as Microsoft, Apple, Google and RIM on the other side

Android!! Blackberry has decreased

Internet marketing firm, comScore released the development of competition in the U.S. mobile platform. The latest data shows that the company's Android platform continue racing while its competitors, the Blackberry has decreased.

In the CBS site, comScore survey results indicate that up to November 2011 there are 91.4 million people in the U.S. who use smart phones aka smartphones. "Of that number 46.9 percent use an operating system developed by Google (Android) rose 3.1 percent," wrote comScore released the results of the survey, ABCNews.

Operating system developed by Apple took second place with 28.7 percent market share with an increase of 1.4 percent. While Blackberry is produced, RIM, Canada fell in the third position with 16.6 percent share. While the number four is the Microsoft operating system with a share of 5.2 percent.
Meanwhile, Samsung, which manufactures smart phones based on Android operating system is the number one handset manufacturer according to comScore. These figures are based on comScore survey of over 30 thousand respondents.

Motorola Xoom update to Android 4.0.3

New hose one day since Google released an update for Ice Cream Sandwich, Android 4.0.3, the user has been successfully working on the Motorola Xoom tablet to be able to operate with the latest OS. Although the passage of Ice Cream Sandwiches on Xoom is not officially, but the update is certainly provide fresh air for the Xoom user.

Although it is known that this update makes the camera function is not running, the green color layer continuous, non berfungsian GPS, Video Playback, and Youtube HD playback. But it does say that the operation is still in the stage of the process, which means the problems that are present now will certainly be repaired.

If Xoom users who want a presence in tablets Android 4.0.3, can directly visit the site Xda Developers to immediately install it on the device. To remember, this is a custom ROM that safety is not guaranteed, as well as stability.

MeetJS Summit

Last weekend, during MeetJS Summit in Poznań, I gave my first talk this year. It was just another great frontend event organized by Godfather of Polish web conferences, Damian Wielgosik, together with Polish GTUG.
Since ICT Conference in Kathmandu in November, where I spoke for the last time in 2011 (with simple .ppt slides), something really big happened in a web conferences world. Because of impress.js, stunning CSS 3D based presentation framework by Bartek Szopka, it became inappropriate to use prehistoric tools like PowerPoint for creating your own slides (It has 600 Github watchers more in two weeks than CoffeeScript in more than 2 years, SIC!). And since I had just couple of days before the event, I used mine & Jakub Siemiątkowski's port of Jordan Mechner's Prince of Persia as a base of my presentation. I'm quite satisfied with the result, you can check it HERE or just click on the iframe below. It is optimized for my presentation remote so you can change the slides only using PgDown & PgUp. Sometimes it needs to be refreshed, and sometimes it craches, but it's more like a prove of concept, not real life product.

FITC Amsterdam 2012: All about HTML5

There has been a while since my last blog post here. A lot of things have been going on in my life since then, I got a little kid, moved back to Sweden after several years abroad and I moved into a new apartment in Malmo. Finally things have settled a bit and I have been able to find some time to produce more content for the blog between remote working, diaper changing and home styling.
It's been about a year since I first started this blog with a visit report from FITC Amsterdam 2011. I was there again this year and this is what I got out of it.
Last years conference was mostly about the Flash vs HTML5 debacle. At that point HTML5 was still very new, browser support was bad, performance even worse and for application development Flex and Flash still seemed like the better choice.
A lot of things has happened over the past year and HTML5 has gained significant grounds in terms of technology advancements and general acceptance during that period. At the same time the uncertainties surrounding the Flash platform over the past few months have made decision makers more reluctant to choose Flex for their next project and are opting for HTML5 solutions.
This was also reflected in the program of this years conference. The vast majority of the technology related presentations were all focusing on HTML5. Even the keynote presentation by Adobe was all about what they are doing in the HTML5 field and you could see an evident change of focus and strategy from this big player in both fields.
So does this all mean that Flash is dead? Not necessarily. The message from Adobe is that the future of the Flash platform will be focussed on advanced gaming and premium video. The idea behind it being to not try to do everything and support every use case, but focus on one or a few main areas, and do them really well.
So for me as a developer using Flex, what is the way forward? Well I guess whenever you are presented with a new project it is still a question of choosing the right technology for the job. For a decently sized enterprise application project I would probably still go with Flex. Even if most of the things that you can do in Flex can now be accomplished with HTML5 related technologies HTML5 still has a long way to go in terms of development experience, tooling and browser support.
I would also keep an eye on what the community can do for the future of Flex now that it has been donated to the Apache foundation as an open source project. Maybe at some point we could even have a decent Flex to HTML5 compiler with a few tweaks in the language specification. The conference made me start thinking and I'll try to gather my thoughts on the future of Flex in a later blog post.
I had a great time at this years FITC Amsterdam, as did I last year. Interesting and relevant presentations, inspiring atmosphere and some very cool people. Add some free beers to the mix and you have a great event right there. I will definitely try to return again next year.
Stay tuned: Over the coming days I'll be publishing short recaps of the various presentations I attended during the conference, it will be almost as if you had been there yourself;

FITC Amsterdam 2012: Getting acquainted with jQuery

I believe I promised to post some recaps of the presentations I attended during my visit to FITC Amsterdam the other week. This is the first one, stay tuned for more.
This is a short recap of a presentation made during FITC Amsterdam 2012. Kudos for the presentation content goes to the presenter. Please use the resource links at the end of this post to get more information from the source.
Matt Fisher made a simple but useful introduction to jQuery. For anyone who hasn't used jQuery in a project before, like myself, this was a nice presentation for getting acquainted with the framework. This is what I got out of it.
jQuery is a JavaScript framework for boosting productivity for any JavaScript developer. It was first created by John Resig in 2004 and has been developed and improved since then. Current version is 1.7.1 and its main advantage over the widely used and stable version 1.6 is all about performance improvements.
jQuery is light-weight, widely used and accepted and should, according to Matt, be an integral component in the toolbox of any serious web developer.
The jQuery framework consists of the following parts:
  • jQuery core – The core APIs provided by of the jQuery framework
  • jQuery UI – provides useful user interface components like tree navigators and grids
  • jQuery mobile – a relatively new addition to the jQuery family for supporting development for mobile
  • Qunit – A unit test framework to use for java script development
  • Sizzle – The selector engine for locating elements in the dom tree of an html page
...and its functionality can be divided into the following main areas of use:
  • Modify CSS
  • Alter HTML
  • Respond to user interaction
  • Animate elements
  • Retrieve information from external resources
Short examples on each of the aforementioned functionalities are available from Matt Fisher's blog.
Matt also made a strong point about the licensing of jQuery and many other open source libraries out there. jQuery adheres to the MIT Licence and all you basically have to do to freely start using the framework is to keep that copyright notice at the top of the source files. If you remove the copyright notice or start copying and pasting parts of the framework and passing it off as your own you are violating the license and by doing that you are basically breaking the law. Perhaps that goes without saying but it was clear from the reaction of the audience that many of the present developers had been doing just that.
I asked Matt about the development environment that he would suggest for starting to work with jQuery or javascript and HTML development in general. As he had grown accustomed to using eclipse based development environments he recommended Aptana Studio. That description also applies to myself so I'll be checking it out.

FITC Amsterdam 2012: Open web technologies as an alternative to plugins

This is a short recap of a presentation made during FITC Amsterdam 2012. Kudos for the presentation content goes to the presenter. Please use the resource links at the end of this post to get more information from the source.
Michal Budzynski, a web game developer from Poland, shared some of his HTML5 come backs to typical doubts about HTML5 related technologies coming from Flash developers. Since Michal is not a Flash developer himself he had to ask some of his Flash developer friends about why they still preferred Flash over HTML5. These are some of their most usual reasons for favoring Flash coupled with plausible HTML5 alternatives suggested by Michal.
Flash developer: With Flash you can access the users camera.
Michal: HTML5 has the getUserMedia API.
Flash Developer: Flash can go full screen
Michal: With HTML5 you can call requestFullScreen on any page element
Flash developer: Flash can create desktop apps
Michal: You can also do that using XUL
Flash developer: There are Flash debugging tools
Michal: There are similar tools in browsers, firebug in Firefox, developer tools in Chrome, Venkman javascript debugger in FireFox (https://developer.mozilla.org/en/Venkman).
Flash developer: You can create P2P with Flash
Michal: You can use Web Sockets, Easy Web Sockets http://easywebsocket.org/ or upcoming WebRTC http://www.webrtc.org
Flash developer: For Flash there are services like Mochimedia and Kongregate for integrating with social media etc.
Michal: Similar services are starting to surface also on the HTML side, like bluevia.
Flash developer: Flash has DRM
Michal: Google are working on specs to secure web content. The open web community takes pride in staying open.
Flash developer: Flash has decent development tools
Michal: There are good alternatives for HTML5; cloud9ide.com, bly.sk, gordon/shumway and bikeshed.
All in all another one of those Flash vs HTML5 presentations. On several of the points mentioned above Flash is still ahead, HTML5 is catching up but there is still some time until new specifications turn into stable technologies with decent browser support. What I mostly take with me from this presentation is a few of the useful resources mentioned for HTML5 development, like the cloud9 IDE and the Venkman JavaScript debugger.

FITC Amsterdam 2012 - HTML5: Life in the trenches

This is a short recap of a presentation made during FITC Amsterdam 2012. Kudos for the presentation content goes to the presenter. Please use the resource links at the end of this post to get more information from the source.
Grant Skinner, owner of gskinner.com, is an internationally recognized leader in the field of rich interactive experiences. After 10 years of Flash development, he and his team has spent the past 2 years trying to deliver similar experiences with HTML5. Grant gave a really interesting presentation about his experiences with HTML5 over these past years and an overview of a set of tools and libraries that he and his team have produced during that time to help ease the development process.
So why should you as a developer care about HTLM5?
  • Opportunity, there is a big hype around it and now is the time to catch the HTML5 wave
  • Reach, you will have a big reach and the perception is growing rapidly
  • Experience, you can leverage your Flash skills to build rich internet experiences using HTML5
  • Challenge, HTML5 is still in an early stage and still has many problems, you get to take part in solving these problems, and as a developer, solving problems is what we do best.
So what issues do we still have with HTML5?
  • There are still inconsistencies between browsers.
  • There is a constant flow of new specifications for HTML5 and it can be tricky to keep up with all of them, for developers and for browser providers.
  • Performance is still a bit behind but it is improving a lot with hardware acceleration etc.
Some of the new API:s in the HTML5 world are:
  • WebGL, a graphics library for the HTML5 canvas.
  • WebAudio, audio library for use with canvas and WebGL.
  • WebSockets, a new communication API for web server and browser communication.
  • CSS Shaders, an advanced addition to filter effects proposed by Adobe.
  • ... and more ...
Gskinner.com recenlty launched technitone.com - an audio experiment that makes use of a lot of these new APIs pushing the boundaries of what can be accomplished with modern browser technologies. Definitely worth a visit.
Grant continued his presentation with an overview of a set of open source libraries and tools that he and his team created to simplify development targeting HTML5. Create JS, available at createjs.com, is a set of libraries designed to be approachable, modular, extensible and open and has the following ingredients:
  • EaselJS – A flash like API for working with the HTML5 canvas element. Features a hierarchical display list, DisplayObject's (Text, Container, Stage etc), a Ticker for controlling the progress over time and much more.
  • TweenJS – A javascript library for tweens and animations. Uses javascript chaining and features synched timelines, easing, sequencing, overriding, plugins etc.
  • SoundJS – Web audio library focusing on usability, features pluggable target APIs, progressive enhancement etc.
  • PreloadJS – Library for managing and co-ordinating loading of assets with instantiable load queues, smotthed progress, multiple connections, uses XmlHttpRequest version 2.
All of these libraries are, or will be, open sourced and can be downloaded from createjs.com.
Apart from libraries, to get a better development experience when targeting HTML5, you need good tools. The ones shown by Grant Skinner were focusing on sprite sheet creation and animation:
  • Flash CS6, Grant has been working with Adobe to be able to export sprite sheets from Flash CS6 targeting easelJS.
  • Zoe, an open source tool from the CreateJS family for creating sprite sheets from SWF:s with scriptable animation etc.
A few things that Grant Skinner and the gskinner.com team are currently working on:
  • Multi-surface targeting, rendering easelJS code to different rendering environmens, like canvas 2D, WebGL, SVG or even directly to the dom tree.
  • EaselJS for NodeJS, render images on the server using client side code.
Grant finished his presentation with a few resources crucial to anyone who works, or would like to start working, with JavaScript:
  • developer.mozilla.org – The closest thing you can find to an online API reference for JavaScript.
  • caniuse.com – Lists browser support for various old and new HTML5 specifications.
  • W3.org/TR – If you really want to dig into the formal core specifications of any HTML5 and CSS3 feature.
This was another great presentation by Grant Skinner, you can always see that he is very passionate about his work. He and his team are developing some really nice stuff that will prove very useful to any JavaScript developer in general, and will provide a smooth transition for the ones coming over from the Flash world in particular. And they are open sourcing all of it so that it can be leveraged and further improved by the community. That's the spirit!

Windows Phone 7 in 2012- Technology Times

Thelatest gadget from the Microsoft Windows for mobiles has emerged to be one ofthe popular gadgets of this year. Microsoft's latest mobile operating system,Windows Phone 7 was announced at Mobile World Congress in 2010. Windows Phone 7features a clean and minimalistic interface known as Metro UI. The operatingsystem features a start screen with "Live Tiles" that can displaynotifications and information at a glance and specific "hubs" wherecontent from social networks and stored locally on the device is gathered. Thereare a lot of places you can go to read about speeds, feeds, and comparativeperformance data for Windows Phone7. Expected in late 2011, a major updateknown as "Mango" will bring many more features such as Twitterintegration, multitasking and a mobile version of Internet Explorer 9.

Windows Phone 7 Apps
Thisproduct has many apps and are faster since this is processor basedprocessing.  Windows Phone 7 might be theunderdog of mobile operating systems, but it holds a special place in our heartthanks to its minimalist Metro user interface and silky smooth operating system.With the latest Mango update adding hundreds of tweaks including Twitterintegration, and new phones from the likes of Nokia and HTC giving Android aserious run for its money, there’s never been a better reason to switch. Ifyou’ve just bought a WP7 handset, or are thinking of getting one, make sure youdownload our top ten apps from the Marketplace. Windows Phone 7 has the optionof signing up for a Zune service at $15 a month, which includes the ability tokeep 10 songs each month and rights to listen to a massive music library. It'sprobably a good deal. But for the huge population of users with an investmentin iTunes, Zune seems like paying for the privilege to listen to music youalready own. Now Microsoft has created a limited functionality connector thatallows Mac users to move some of their iTunes music onto Windows Phone 7, andthere are some workarounds to get it done.

INFOGRAPHIC: How To Train Your Employees To Manage Your Social Media

Social media consultants can be an expensive addition to your business. But in this day and age, no company can operate without a sound social plan. Despite the swanky pitches you may receive from pros, your best social media team might actually be your current workforce. But how can you find your company's natural social media rockstars and get your entire team on board with your goals?
This infographic from Mindflash provides tips and advice on identifying and educating employees to manage your social media outposts. The money stat? Despite the obvious risks, 76 percent of companies do not have a clearly defined social media policy in place.

INFOGRAPHIC: The Complete Timeline Of Social Networks, 1960-2012

Via Tech2all: 
Even though “social network” has became a trending topic in our daily life, it was there since the very beginning of computing. The form of information exchange maybe different, but end result was pretty much the same.  The trivial changes in these information exchange had happened during the era of 70′s, but during the late 90′s they changed in some revolutionary ways.
Early 21st century, it molded to the major form of “social networking”. Several sites were pioneer during this era, namely; Friendster, myspace and linkedin. Latter followed by Facebook at 2004, twitter during 2006 and Google+ at about 2011-2012.
Here is  a detailed history of social network and it’s timeline in an infographic. From 1960 till 2012.

Google Earth till 2012- Technology Times

Google Earth is the mobile maps service over the internet as well as gmaps can be downloaded to locate your current position if you are having GPS system in your mobile gadget.  Google Earth, as a program lends itself to the iPad, as it is after all a luxury app. Let me quantify that. When you want to find a store’s phone number – you simply open Google Maps and do a search. When you need directions, you open a GPS app such as CoPilot. Google Earth, as a mobile app, is purely for finding out more about our wonderful planet, taking tours of its incredible landmarks and flying over countries as if connected to a satellite. The previous iPhone-only version left a lot to be desired. The interface was fairly slow and the screen was just too small to get any real use out of the app. Because of that flaw, it has sat on my iPhone home screen gathering dust for some time. If you’ve used GE on the iPhone you will already know how to get around. There are standard menu buttons that allow you to search for specific countries, towns, landmarks and postcodes.The app allows you to feature multiple layers of information such as businesses, Wikipedia entries, roads and terrain.

Exploring more about Google Earth software, The Google Earth Logo comprises of the main Google logo with the additional word Earth added to the design. The green color used for the fonts is relevant and is an excellent idea of how different products need to be marketed within a same brand. The Google brand offers a range of services; all of which have unique logo designs extended from the original Google brand logo that shows continuity of the brand. The Google Earth Logo is scalable and expressible and with its simple design, it is not forgotten so easily. This mobile version of Google Earth has many of the features that you are used to in the online version. You can search for areas or cities and it will give you a choice of results. After choosing one, the app will display a map. You can zoom in and out of the map and use finger movements to change your view. You can also view images and Wikipedia information of an area if available. This app can also display longitude and latitude information and altitudes. You could just spend all day looking at images of cities and landmarks across the planet. So many a times this software was requested to stopn but it continued to provide its everdynamic services and making our very mother Earth explored right from our desktop/laptop/cellular devices.

INFOGRAPHIC: How Social Sites Make Money

Published by USBundles.com at Visual.ly:
"We turn to social media services to stay connected more and more each day. But even with hordes of devoted followers, how do these sites manage turn a profit?" That was said by USBundles, Lets have a look at this Infographic provided by them at Visual.ly

INFOGRAPHIC: The Power of Pinterest

By Internet Marketing Inc:
Unless you’ve been hiding under a rock the past few months, you’ve probably heard about the up and coming image sharing website known as Pinterest. For those unfamiliar with Pinterest, it’s quite simple. Imagine if Flickr and Twitter had a child together that combined the image sharing of Flickr with the social functionality of Twitter. Users can upload and share pictures with a network of over 10 million people and follow the activity of their friends and other users.
Since its launch in March of 2010, Pinterest has shown explosive growth and shows no signs of slowing down. So what’s with all the interest in Pinterest?
Well it’s not too often a social media site experiences as much traffic and growth as Pinterest, especially amongst females. Even more so, Pinterest already accounts for more referral traffic on the web than Twitter, LinkedIn, and Google+.
Could Pinterest become one of the next social media giants and join the ranks of Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn? Possibly, but we’ll let the numbers speak for themselves. Behold, the Power of Pinterest:

5 Steps For Increasing Sales With Pinterest

By Renee Warren at SocialFreh: 

It’s all a buzz.
Millions are flocking to Pinterest (over 12 million monthly actives for that matter). Most are women (82%) pinning to boards for weddinginspiration, new fashion styles, and decor ideas for their homes and nurseries.
But men are also quickly jumping on board (pun intended), mostly from the UK, Japan and France.
More importantly, small business and big brands have widely adopted Pinterest as a way to express their persona, to show personality, to flaunt some cool new products and to make a few extra sales.
The question is, does your brand belong on Pinterest?
Can you leverage this hot new network to get the most for your business? Find out exactly how Pinterest can help you grow sales.

1. Monitor

a)  Discover what your customers want
“A lot of what gets pinned on Pinterest is aspirational—what could be, what I’m going to have, where I’m going to go,” says Gartner senior research analyst, Jenny Sussin.
This is awesome information if you’re interested in sales and marketing. You get to have a clear look at what your target market loves and is passionate about, and you can help satisfy some of those wants.
b) Create relevant boards
Once you know what your customers are interested in, you can then create boards for related topics. How? Stumble through online magazines, websites or blogs that appeal to your target market.
For example, if you’re targeting young sneaker-heads, have a look at Hypebeast and see what they’re writing about. Then, create boards that relate to those categories: snapback hats, street style photos, high-top sneakers, concept designs, sports cars, and so on.
Entrepreneur Kelly Azevedo explains, “If your target audience is using Pinterest as a resource to share their content, then you can connect by following, commenting and linking to their pins. Just like Twitter and other social media platforms, you want to balance promoting your own business with engaging with customers.”
The rule of engagement for all content marketing applies just as appropriately to Pinterest: start a conversation and create a relationship with your potential customer. Repin the posts you like. Comment on the ones that stand out to you. But remember…
“This doesn’t entail kissing up to the [account] owner (most of us hate strategic-sounding praise). What it means is creating a network that provides the payoff for all the effort you’ve put into your content,” says Brian Clark of Copyblogger.
Don’t just compliment; share related visuals, ideas and insights. If you see someone posting the work of a designer you really love, maybe you can relate with your own favorite piece or recommend similar work from another designer.
c) Watch your competitors
Your eyes on Pinterest should focus not only on your customers, but also on your competitors.
Are they as engaging as you are?
Or perhaps they’re more active?
Find out what their best practices are and figure out what you need to do to not only retain your clients, but to also get their clients’ attention.

2. Flaunt It

Got a big event coming up?
Launching a new promotion?
Use Pinterest to get the word out. But make sure you do this tastefully.
This is not the place to openly talk about your business all the time. Make sure most of your boards are created for your community’s enjoyment.
HelloBerry does this well. Recently, they did a one day sale on their bracelets, pricing them at two for $22. They updated their Pinterest account accordingly and linked the images of their bracelets to their Etsy page.
HelloBerry consistently updates their boards. Their travel, color inspiration, and style boards keep their users engaged by showing off their own tastes and preferences.

3. Inspire Your Customers

“I strongly believe that consumption is less about reflecting who we are–even though that’s clearly a fundamental dimension of it–as much as it’s about who we wish to be”, says Paul Mullins, a professor at Indiana University-Purdue University and President of the Society for Historical Archaeology.
What does this have to do with Pinterest?
A lot more than you may think. Creating really good content, posting engaging images, and providing tips and advice to help customers become who they dream of being is a simple way of increasing brand awareness through Pinterest.
Manpacks, for example, is also doing a great (and hilarious) job of creating boards that both inspire (Extreme Humans) and poke fun at (Sh*t You Can’t Afford) their community.
And Mashable is inspiring their community with their Tips and Tricks board. It’s evident that Pinterest is about so much more than just posting images of your product.
It’s about allowing merchants to relate to the many aspects of their customers’ lives.

4. Share, Pin, Repin

Pinterest is not only about creating and updating your own boards. It’s more about repinning, sharing and commenting on others’.
Just like on Twitter and Facebook, you have to become an active part of your community and show interest in order to be found and followed.
The more you are involved in repinning and commenting (in addition to creating really interesting boards), the more people will follow you back and engage with your content.

5. Making the Sale

Imagine being completely anti-social media for years and then one day discovering a tool – in the social space – that increased your sales by over 50%.
Would that make you a believer? I think so. Well, it certainly worked out well for a fine art photographer in New Hope, PA.
Carl Christensen was kicking and screaming when forced, by his wife, to jump onto Pinterest. Little did he know, his work would quickly be discovered, shared and purchased by hundreds of people he would not have been able to connect with otherwise.
His images link directly to his Etsy storefront, making the transition from Pinterest discovery to checkout a breeze.
It doesn’t hurt to slap a price tag on the image being shared for the sake of promotion. Creating a call to action is a great way to get people clicking and buying.
All you have to do is add the ‘$’ and amount into the comment section when posting. The item will immediately be priced and categorized in the gift section.
Pinterest gives you a glimpse into your audience’s aspired future, which is priceless according to professionals like Paul Mullins.
Like Twitter and Facebook, Pinterest can be used to increase your sales AND brand awareness.
A few Pinterest keys:
  1. Quickly master the community etiquette
  2. Experiment with content combinations
  3. Build a community to support your business goals
  4. Have fun, posting awesome photos and interesting images
  5. Seek out what interests your community the most
Do you have any recommendations on using Pinterest to increase sales?

5 Tools for Integrating WordPress and Twitter

What advice did people give you when you first started blogging? I bet I can guess. Newbies attempting to make their mark are told again and again that the key to growth is to write, write, write. ‘Don’t think about it’ web elders bark. ‘Don’t agonise about it. Don’t dream about it. Just click your New Post tab and do it!’
Almost every article you’ll read advises you to kneel at the altar of the Regular Update. Regular updating is the key to more visitors, a lower bounce rate and increased Adsense revenue, we are advised with a scholarly nod.
While this advice is far from all-you-need-to-know (personally, I’d emphasise a few other things first: choose a narrow topic that you know a lot about, get involved in web communities covering similar topics, don’t try to monetize too quickly, choose a powerful platform like WordPress, etc, etc.) it is important.
A dead blog is one of the most obvious things to spot. A political homepage post about Hillary’s run for the democratic candidacy? A fashion blog with no mention of colour-blocking? A music site without a single snide remark about Dubstep? You’ve got yourself a deady.
But in our busy times, people are looking for shortcuts. Updating your blog with very short posts via email has become popular: no fuss, no stress, six posts a day, and you look as current as Agyness Deyn. The explosion in microblogging platforms like Tumblr has supported this trend: nobody expects blog posts to be long and comprehensive anymore. In fact (like Agyness Deyn’s hair), the shorter the better!
Another way to keep current is to add a Twitter feed to your site. Even if your last post was six hours ago, your tweet from six minutes ago can be there in a neat sidebar, breaking the news that Mitt Romney is the new republican candidate (or whatever) before anyone else.
There are many ways to use Twitter to enhance your blog – and vice versa. Integrating Twitter and WordPress sites is especially easy – there are tons of plug-ins, apps and tricks that can help you streamline your online life in this way, bringing all your web actions together.
Are you convinced yet? Integrating WordPress with Twitter is the new fibre: it will keep you regular, and keep you healthy.

5 Tools for Integrating WordPress and Twitter


This WordPress plug-in will do a few different things: firstly, it will place a Tweet This button at the end of each blog post, allowing anyone with a Twitter account (not just your Twitter followers) to publicise your story on Twitter using one of those neat small URLs. You can choose to generate yours using Adjix.com, B2l.me, Bit.ly, Is.gd, Metamark.net, SnipURL.com, Su.pr, TinyURL.com, or Tweetburner.com.
This button is similar to the Digg This buttons that were popular a couple of years ago and allowed bloggers to be contenders in the Digg Wars - a successful battle could make a blogger like the Gallic campaign made Julius Caesar.
Secondly, you have the option of adding a few different widgets to your sidebar: Favourited Tweets, My-Last-Tweets, Most Tweeted Items and Recent Tweets. The most tweeted widget is especially handy – it works like a popular posts widget, adding a list of stories that are getting the most Twitter love.
Thirdly, a list of tweetbacks will appear at the end of your post. This will list any publicity your article is getting on Twitter.
Finally – and this is the most basic but perhaps most useful feature – all new posts will automatically go to Twitter.
This highly recommended app is compatible with WordPress versions 2.7 to 3.3.1. There are a lot of plug-ins that will do one or some of the things listed above; TweetSuite has rendered them obsolete in one fell swoop. Why download six plug-ins when you can download one?
You can manipulate your URL format and choose your Tweet This button in the TweetSuite options menu.

They’re calling it ‘Feedburner for Twitter’. This app is perfect for bloggers with a large Twitter following who want to show it off.
Sign up at TwitterCounter.com to get the code. You’ll have to paste it into your sidebar.php file, then the site will start tracking your activity. Follower stats will appear in your WordPress sidebar in the format you select.
The info menu can show you your follower growth in graphical format, as well as displaying handy stats like average growth per day.

A very innovative sidebar widget that blends visuals with details of Twitter action. Flickr images and tweets that share the same hashtags are mashed up.
Any topic can be covered, as long as there is a hashtag for it. In these days of #WillYouGetSlapped and #DisneyPickUpLines, you can bet there will be something!
Use TwitterFountain to produce an original content sidebar without signing up for any paid services.

A widget that shows Twitter users who have recently been to your blog. Find interesting people to follow – these users are likely to follow you back.

Spending a lot of time on your blog? Want to tweet your brilliant ideas as they hit you, without leaving the page?
Twit-Twoo provides a sidebar that lets you do just this. Ajax takes care of the processing so your WordPress page doesn’t even have to reload for your new tweet to appear on your Twitter account.

No more rushing off to Twitter then returning to WordPress to find that your blog post didn’t autosave.
Twit-Twoo will also send you alerts (like appointment reminders) via Twitter – it is aimed at avid users who would benefit from integrating all their online activity within Twitter (rather than Google or Facebook).


Bringing your Twitter and WordPress activity together can save a lot of time and sometimes opens up new worlds – new ideas - you never thought of. Anyone wanting to streamline their online life or increase their following/visitor count can gain a lot from the available apps – these are just five of the best.
Have I missed anything? Please let me know about any neat integration ideas in the comments.



How Facebook Sponsored Stories Can Boost Engagement

By at Mashable: 
In the wake of its $100 billion IPO filing, Facebook is busy bolstering its advertising options. For one, Facebook is hanging its future hopes on “sponsored stories.”
Sponsored stories depart from the typical Facebook ad unit. By incorporating social endorsement prominently into ads, Facebook sponsored stories are more relevant to the average user, and more likely to be clicked on than traditional Facebook ads. When done right, sponsored stories provide a significant boost to click-through and conversion rates, in part because these ad placements appear not only on the sidebar, but also within users’ News Feeds.
However, advertisers shouldn’t consider sponsored stories a one-size-fits-all solution. There are actually several different styles, each with its own unique value proposition. Below are four sponsored story options to consider.

1. Domain Story

If your goal is to drive traffic from Facebook to your site, “domain sponsored stories” are the right place to start. Domain stories require a bit of effort to set up, but depending on your Facebook strategy, can offer significant value. Because they allow you to direct users from Facebook to your website, the ads are great tools for performance marketers or ecommerce companies looking to acquire leads from the social network.
How domain sponsored stories work: A visitor comes to your site while logged into Facebook and Likes your site. This action generates a story into News Feed, such as “Jane likes X site.” Sponsoring such stories increases the visibility for these kinds of posts, either in the News Feed or on the sidebar.
Odds are Jane’s friends belong to the same target market as Jane, and ideally find Jane credible. Consequently, domain stories offer advertisers a great way to generate new leads and revenues through word-of-mouth marketing.

2. Page Like Story

“Page Like stories” are very similar to domain stories, with one major difference. Rather than promoting that Jane Likes your website, page Like stories promote when Jane Likes your Facebook page. When users see and click on these posts, they are directed to your Facebook page.
Page Like stories are particularly useful for brand advertisers seeking to grow the popularity of their Facebook pages – my friend Jane Likes X page, so I might like it, too. More importantly, because the ad unit is well integrated into the News Feed, your brand’s image occupies a valuable space in the social activity.

3. Page Post Story

Facebook Likes are great. Positive comments on your Facebook page are even better. That’s where “page post sponsored stories” come in.
Say Jane visits your Facebook page and leaves a glowing review of your product or service. Page post stories allow you to turn this endorsement into an ad.
With page post stories, marketers can take their most favorable feedback from genuine customers and broadcast it. As a result, page post stories can be useful to build your brand or generate leads, depending on the comment and campaign. And not to worry — advertisers select which comments become page post stories, so there’s no risk of accidentally promoting a negative comment.

4. Check-In Story

Facebook mobile adds a new layer to the social context with “check-in stories.” Users can check-in when physically at a store location; this action posts to Facebook.
Then, advertisers can choose to highlight this brand interaction. For example, sponsoring an ad unit when Jane checks-in at your store ensures that Jane’s friends see the action. Realizing that Jane is out shopping, they may decide to join her or make later trips of their own to your store.
Promoting check-ins creates yet another engagement opportunity for retail marketers, especially those with strong local presences. Measuring the value of a check-in story is difficult, however, as any purchases are likely to occur offline.
Sponsored stories allow advertisers to participate in and influence the social context of Facebook. Advertisers that leverage sponsored stories typically see a boost in click-through and conversion rates. What types of results have you had with sponsored stories?



Amazon Kindle Fire 2012- Technology Times

The tablet of its own kind is becoming popular for its services.  The New Amazon Kindle Fire is a ground breaking tablet that mixes cloud technology with great access to content and entertainment including video, books and music, with it's very own "silk" browser you are also able to access the internet with ease. We examine in this review what will make consumers listen and pay attention as Amazon aim to repeat the success of the original Amazon Kindle. The Amazon Kindle Fire has been much talked about because Amazon is taking a “good enough” approach to competing with established tablet players like Samsung or Apple. Many prospect Kindle Fire buyers would not spend $300 or more to get a high-end tablet, so Amazon is not really trying to steal share, but it tries to make the tablet market bigger, faster.

The varied apps makes the gadget more interesting to work with.This list of the Best Kindle Fire Apps will help you get an idea about the kind of apps available for the Amazon Kindle Fire. You can easily get lost among the tens of thousands of apps out there.  Kindle Fire, the Bad and the Ugly - There’s no doubt that the Kindle Fire falls short of the high end $500 plus tablets with regards to certain hardware specs. 3G connectivity, GPS, gyroscope, camera, larger storage capacity, quad core processor and 4GB of RAM would have all been really nice. The Fire has a headphone jack on the bottom for connecting speakers or headphones, as well as a micro USB slot for charging and file transfer from a computer.

Lighter, faster and easier to read off | Intuitive user interface | Enormous selection of books, magazines, and periodicals | Built-in free international wireless | Decent battery life | Audio book integration |

Non U.S. users may suffer extra fees when using wireless capabilities|  Battery can’t be replaced on your own | Not compatible with several file formats

So feel the change yourself and get the latest technological device and exploit the ever dynamic services.

Wii U (Nintendo) - An Ultimate gaming experience

Thisis an era of motion control gaming.  Motionsadd much to your gaming excitement. Gone are the days when you used to pressthe sticky buttons to move your gaming object. The same excitement can be experienced with Wii U gaming gadget.  Wii gaming platform consist of console and aWii remote (Wii mote Controller), sensor bar and a few accessories like Wiiremote and Wii Nunchuk. Wii mote controller can be used as a bat while playingbaseball or can be swung in any direction while playing a game of Golf. The Wiimote also uses a set of infrared sensors to determine the remote's orientationin regard to the television. A set of IR diodes in the Wii mote communicatewith the Wii's sensor bar to serve as a pointer for navigating menus and aimingweapons in first-person shooters. It may take some time to get used to.  According to a recent declaration of a seniorproducer from Ghost Recon the tactile capabilities of the Wii U controller havebeen successfully integrated in the game and improved the tactical gaming. Infact, the controller can be compared to the devices used by military forces intactical military combat. With the new controller, the gamers will beconstantly connected with the social network of the game and therefore will beable to constantly supervise the game’s progression even if the home console isnot active.

Thisis the latest/modern gaming platform which is designed to provide real sensegaming to young minds.  The mostimportant feature of the Wii U console which will benefit the future design anddevelopment of the Sci-Fi games is the touch screen. This will be able to turna simple device in a sensor scanner or a communicator. Now the only boundarythat remains is the developer’s imagination. The Wii U comes with a kind ofsmall tablet - a controller with all the usual buttons, but a touchscreen inthe middle as well. The touchscreen can be used to control games, or you canactually play the game on that screen, leaving your TV free for Master chef.  Just pause a second and imagine all thecontroller combinations that you can control your character as well as theactual graphical resolution of the game.

Online Gaming with Wii U
Thisgaming platform provides online gaming to play with the masses at oneclick.  You can connect Wii to Internetusing Wi-Fi and play online with friends across the globe, download new &classic games, or even watch an episode of Nintendo Week on the NintendoChannel. Apart from the touch sensitive screen and analog sticks it has a builtin Gyroscope which added another dimension to the games control. So you canmove around and tilt the controller to play games. Unlike Wii this supports1080P HD video and an optical driver supporting 25GB proprietary format. You canshop online; browse the net using an Opera based browser and watch Netflixvideos for $7.99 per month.  So try thisgadget and surely you will become its addicted in no time.

INFOGRAPHIC: Thirteen Concepts | Internet Marketing

Via Thirteen Concepts at Visual.ly:
It is imperative to transcend your message into the new digital world, creating ideas that inspire audiences to participate with them, and pass them along to their network. The rise of social media means that marketing has evolved into a conversation, and is built upon brand loyalty. Creativity is more important than ever.

Facebook’s 6-Point Plan for Building Brands in the Social Media Age

By at Mashable: 
Social media has turned the purchase funnel on its head.
That’s the crux of a study that Facebook recently published in conjunction with Forrester Research. The two canvassed 101 C-level and VP-level marketing pros in December 2011 and found the profession has changed. Or, in Facebook and Forrester’s parlance, “The connected world has rerouted the customer journey.”
How does changing media affect the way people hear about brands? First, take a look at the traditional purchase funnel:

It’s easy to see how this reflects a TV-dominated age. In the pre-social media days, you’d see a TV ad and become aware of a brand. Then, after you got familiar with the name, you might consider if you wanted to buy it. Next, you bought it. Then, you might decide you liked it. Finally, you identified yourself with the brand. (“I’m a Budweiser guy.”)
Here is what Facebook and Forrester are proposing as the successor to the purchase funnel. It looks more like a circle:

In this schematic, social media influences every stage of the process. They hear about new brands and investigate said brands via social media. When it comes time to buy something, consumers increasingly consult their friends via social media. Then, they expect to be able to interact with the brands through social media after they buy a product.
The new environment calls for new tactics. Facebook and Forrester propose a six-point plan for building brands in the social media age: articulate, connect, engage, influence, integrate and rejuvenate. We will look at each in greater detail.

1. Articulate


Facebook and Forrester recommend that companies identify components of the brand it can communicate via social media. The report has a suggestion for how to do this. “Apply a social lens to your brand identity by asking ‘What about my brand is inherently social? Why do people engage with it and why do people want to talk about it or share it with their friends in the real world?’” Often, those attributes aren’t obvious. For instance, Secret, Procter & Gamble’s deodorant brand for women, found it got currency by connecting with women on an inspirational level and got behind a Facebook-based anti-bullying campaign, “Mean Stinks.” For Coca-Cola, the attribute was “happiness,” which it attempts to express via social media.


2. Connect

Building connections via social media requires that a brand create a hub. Not surprisingly, Facebook suggests that a brand’s Facebook presence should be that hub. As an example, the report illustrates how Ford used Facebook as its primary meeting place for information around the June 2010 launch of the 2011 Explorer. All communications in that effort drove fans to Ford’s Facebook Page, which was the online venue for that model’s reveal.  


3. Engage

Getting consumers to take part in the conversation is a key component of social media marketing. The way to facilitate such conversation is often easier than you might think. Burt’s Bees, for example, launched its tinted lip balm with a Facebook app that let users send a photo of one of the six products in the line, along with a message explaining why the friend is a “natural beauty.” The brand also ran ads in Facebook’s Sponsored Stories format to help fans get the word out.


4. Influence

The thinking here is that you allow your social media fans to feel like insiders. A good example is PepsiCo India, which tied into the Cricket World Cup in that country in 2011 with an ad campaign. The company broke the ads on Facebook before they hit TV though and selected 11 special brand ambassadors on Facebook to attend every match and post status updates and photos on Facebook.  

5. Integrate

People don’t compartmentalize their social media experiences. Neither should your brand. A good example of a 360-degree approach to marketing that incorporates social media is American Express’s “Link, Like, Love” program, which syncs a cardmember’s Facebook account with their loyalty program, so that if you “like” Whole Foods for instance, you might see a Whole Foods deal in your Facebook dashboard.


6. Rejuvenate

In practice, this means being relevant to your fans. In other words, you have to sort of think like a publisher. If something big happens in the news, and there’s a relevant way for you to make note of it, it’s probably a good idea to do so. As an example, beauty brand Sephora has 2.5 million Facebook fans and Sephora “continuously monitors those fans for insights about its products, stores and customer service.” AT&T also has a dedicated team that keeps an eye on its Facebook Page.
It should be noted that Facebook is hardly objective in its advice. The major piece of advice seems to be “use Facebook for all your marketing.” Nevertheless, just because it’s in Facebook’s best interest for you to use its platform doesn’t mean it’s a bad idea. But, as a marketer, you should be able to distinguish truth from bluster.



Yahoo Suit Against Facebook Includes Online Ad Patents

By at ClickZ: 
Yahoo has filed a lawsuit against Facebook alleging infringement of 10 of its patents, including patents involving online advertising.
The suit, filed in a San Jose court, accuses Facebook of infringing patents that govern how its social network functions.
"Facebook's entire social network model, which allows users to create profiles for and connect with, among other things, persons and businesses, is based on Yahoo's patented social networking technology," the company said in the suit.
"Prior to adopting Yahoo's patented social networking technology in 2008, Facebook was considered one of the worst performing internet sites for advertising."
The suit alleges that Facebook's features including its news feed and video content advertisements are based on Yahoo patents for social networking and online advertising.
Additionally, the suit alleges that Facebook is violating Yahoo patents preventing click fraud.
"Yahoo is harmed by Facebook's use of Yahoo's patented technologies in a way that cannot be compensated for by payment of a royalty alone," the company said in the suit.
"Facebook's use of Yahoo's patented technologies has increased Facebook's revenue and market share because it does not have to recover the costs or time involved in the development of the technology."

Virgin Mobile 2012- Technology Time

Virginis the popular mobile network famous to provide seamless services in many waysto the masses.  It is well setup in manyparts of the globe and it has launched various technological revolutions fromtime to time.  Recently it has launchedits smartphones devices which has made good place in the markets.  Other handsets such as HTC, Samsung, Nokiaand Blackberry have great offers working on this very network.  Virgin Mobile has one of the best voice andtext messaging services in the country. The plans offered by Virgin are simpleand you can easily identify which plan will suit you most. Virgin Mobile givesyou many options to connect to its services.  With the Virgin Mobile smart phone pay as yougo option, there is no lock-in, so you have the freedom to use the network (andhaving to pay) only when you wish to. Again, the rates are very competitivewith attractive incentives every time you top up. This option is great forthose who text a lot, want to go online without worrying about how much it willcost them and make calls to different networks. When you have exhausted yourcredit, you can still send call-back texts to family/friends asking them tocall you back.

Someof the products launched by Virgin Mobile Network are as follows.  The MiFi 2200 combines an extraordinarilyeasy-to-use device with a great pay as-you-go mobile Internet bandwidth plan.  Virgin Mobile inverts the model and bases itsmonthly plans on unlimited messaging and web access. The plans, known as BeyondTalk, start at $35.00 per month, which gives unlimited text, data, web andemail access. Clearly, the plan is aimed at those who text and use socialnetworking sites like Facebook and Twitter for the bulk of their mobilecommunicating, because the plan includes only 300 minutes of talk time permonth. Any voice calls beyond that are charged at $.10 per minute. The nextlevel of the plan is essentially the same except that it includes 1200 minutesof talk time for $45.00 monthly.

Variousother services of virgin include all time customer care service.  Virgin Mobile offers a good level of customerservice, and it almost always gets positive reviews.  Virgin Mobile approaches pricing plans a bitdifferently than most other carriers, with its data and message-centricstructure. The plans will be ideal for some types of users, but not of muchinterest to others. Even if you email them from their website, there isgenerally a quick response from customer service representatives. There are nohidden fees, monthly bills or exclusive contracts to sign with the majority ofVirgin Mobile smartphone deals either.

INFOGRAPHIC: Are You Not Safe Online?

Created by OnlineMarketingDegree.net
It should be no surprise to anyone that in the year 2012 the internet can sometimes be a bit unsafe.
Everyone knows someone who knows someone that has had a credit card number stolen, password to their Facebook account stolen and etc.
But, some of the stats shown below might startle you.
The fact that 8.1 million people fall victim to identity theft each year is staggering to me.. Never realized it was so high.
I also really value and love the tip about your password and what types are alot less hacked. Check out below and BE SAFE!

You Are Not Safe Online
Created by: OnlineMarketingDegree.net